Terms and Conditions



I. Scope

  1. The general terms and conditions apply to all contracts of the temporary rental of cubes,  Hoteltowers and all other rooms for the accommodation as well as all connected supplies and services of the Hotel (Hotel accommodation contract). The term “Hotel accommodation contract” covers and replaces following terms: Accommodation-, guest admission-, hotel- und hotel room contract.

  2. The sub- and re-rental of the rooms or beds including their usage for a different purpose as of the accommodation  requires a written consent of QBE Mobile Hotels GmbH – hereinafter called QBE Mobile Hotels – mentioned in paragraph §540 Abs. 1 Satz 2 BGB, unless the guest is not the consumer.

  3. The gerneral terms and conditions of the customer are only applicable, if this has been previously agreed on in written form.

II. Conclusion of the contract, contracted partners; Limitation period

  1. The contract becomes effective through the Hotel’s acceptance of the client’s application. QBE Mobile Hotels reserves the right to confirm the acceptance in writing.

  2. The customer and the hotel are the parties of this agreement. If a third party makes the reservation on behalf of the customer or the customer makes the reservation on behalf of a third party the third party together with the customer are liable for all obligations arising out of the hotel-agreement, provided that the hotel has a corresponding declaration to that effect from the third party.

  3. All entitlements towards QBE Mobile Hotels prescribe within one year from the beginning of the period of limitation constituted in § 199 Abs. 1 BGB.

III. Services, Prices, Payment, Offset

  1. QBE Mobile Hotels is obligated to reserve the by the customer booked rooms and to fulfill the services which have been agreed upon.

  2. The customer is obligated to pay the prices agreed upon for the usage of the room(s) and all other offered services that have been made use of. This also covers services induced by the customer and hotel’s expenses to third parties made in the name of the customer

  3. The agreed prices include the legal VAT. If the time between conclusion of contract and fulfillment of contract exceeds 4 months, and if QBE Mobile Hotels’ calculated price rises for the agreed services, the price agreed upon in the contract can be adequately raised by a maximum of 5% through QBE Mobile Hotels.

  4. Prices can be further adapted by the hotel if the customer subsequently agrees to changes in number of booked rooms, arriving guests, wishes hotel services or a prolongation of stay and if this is confirmed by the hotel.

  5. The customer pays in advance. The preliminary price for the stay is to be paid at check-in. Hotel bills without due date are to be paid within 10 days upon receipt due net. The hotel is entitled to demand overdue payments at any time and to demand an immediate payment. In the case of a delayed payment the hotel is also entitled to demand the legal default interest of currently 8% or respectively 5% over base rate for legal acts that involve a customer. The hotel reserves the right to prove a higher loss.

  6. At conclusion of contract or after and under consideration of  package holidays by-law, QBE Mobile Hotels is entitled to demand an adequate upfront-payment or security. The amount of the upfront-payment and the due dates can be fixed in the contract.

  7. The customer can only clear a claim from QBE Mobile Hotels with an own undisputed and legally binding claim.

  8. A contract cancellation by the customer needs to be confirmed by the hotel in written form. If this is not the case the agreed price in the contract needs to be paid even if the customer does not make use of the services in the contract.

  9. If a date for charge-free cancellation has been agreed between the hotel and the customer for the agreement, then the customer may cancel the agreement until that date without giving rise to payment or damage claims on the part of the hotel. In any other case a no-charge withdrawal is only possible 72 hours before Check-In. The customer’s right of cancellation lapses if he or she does not exercise the right towards the hotel in writing by the agreed date, provided it is not a case of cancellation under clause IV subclause 1 sentence 3. Change of reservation or other booking changes must be clearified upfront with the hotel. An administration fee can be demanded.

  10. The hotel has the right to charge the full contracted remuneration in case of delayed cancellation or non-arrival.

  11. In case of lost keys 40 € per key will be charged. Smoking in the room or in closed facilities like shower, toilets or breakfast room will be punished with a fine up until 250 €. The right for further legal actions remains reserved. The same is applied for damages to the hotel's inventory - the penalty is adapted to the amount of the damage.

IV. Cancellation by QBE Mobile Hotels

  1. If the advance payment as agreed upon or demanded according to III.6. has not been made even after an additional respite, QBE Mobile Hotels is justified to withdraw from the agreement.

  2. QBE Mobile Hotels shall also be entitled to withdraw from the contract for justified reason, e.g. if

  • force major or other circumstances which are not influenceable by QBE Mobile Hotels make the fulfillment of the contract impossible;

  • if the reservation was made by giving misleading or wrong information of important facts, e.g. about the person of the client or the purpose;

  • If QBE Mobile Hotels has well-founded reason to the expect that the utilization of the services rendered by the hotel may impair the smooth business operation, the security or the image of QBE Mobile Hotels in public

  • In case of legitimate cancellation by QBE Mobile Hotels, the guest is not entitled to claim a compensation payment.

V. Provision of rooms and beds

  1. The guest is not entitled to ask for a specific QBE.

  2. Breakfast hours are from 9 to 11 am.

    Check-In hours are from 2 pm to 6 pm. In case you arrive at a later or earlier hour we kindly ask you to tell us upfront and guarantee your booking by indicating a valid credit card. For guaranteed bookings with an indicated valid credit card an arrival until 8 pm is possible. Otherwise, your booked room(s) can be cancelled and sold to others. Cancellations are possible until 72h before arrival.

    Check-Out is until 11 am.

  3. If the guest does not leave the room until 12 a.m. (noon), QBE Mobile Hotels will invoice 50 percent of the day rate, if the guest did not exceed longer than 2 p.m.. After 2 p.m. QBE Mobile Hotels will invoice 100 percent of the day rate. For a Late Check-In every beginning hour will be charged with 15 € if QBE Mobile Hotels chooses to accept guests after regular Check-In hours.

  4. Upon reservation the presence of pets, during the stay at QBE Mobile Hotels, needs to be registered and requires permission of QBE Mobile Hotels. There will be an extra charge of 10 Euros per day. The extra charge can differ depending on the size of the pet.  

VI. Liability of QBE Mobile Hotels GmbH

  1. QBE Mobile Hotels is liable for damages arising out of injury to life, limb, or health; which is caused by negligent breach of duty on our part or is caused intentionally. Further liability is excluded.

  2. QBE Mobile Hotels guarantees personal items brought by the guest according to legal requirements (up to 100 times the room rate) up to a maximum of 500 Euros. Liability claims expire unless the guest notifies the QBE Mobile Hotels immediately after gaining knowledge of the loss, destruction, or damage.

  3. If a parking place is made available for the guest for payment or for free, a contract of safe custody does not result.  QBE Mobile Hotels assumes no liability for loss of or damage to motor vehicles parked or manoeuvred on the hotel’s property, nor the contents thereof.

VII. Data protection

QBE Mobile Hotels GmbH respects the confidentiality of personal information of the guests. Without the permission of the guest, personal data are never transmitted to third parties,  except if legal requirements ask for the transmission of specific personal data. Furthermore  QBE Mobile Hotels GmbH reserves the right to transmit personal data to partner companies (within and outside of the European Union). This also applies to the partner company's employees as well as reliable representatives who have access to the these information and need to have knowledge of the data to fulfill a service for the guest with the written consent of QBE Mobile Hotels. For further information, please refer to the Data Protection section for all information on data protection and the use of cookies.

VIII. Written correspondence

With the reservation the guest accepts the receipt of

  • an E-Mail with Information regarding the reservation, which will be send to the guest shortly after ending the booking process.

  • as well as an E-Mail for evaluating the stay at QBE Mobile Hotels, which will be send to the guest shortly after the stay at the hotel.

QBE Mobile Hotels reserves the right to change, delete, or reject  guest reviews in their own discretion. The evaluation form can be seen as a survey and it does not include any further promotional activities. Except for the E-Mails for reservation, change in reservation, cancellation as well as a purchased coupon, there will be no further communication (E-Mail or postal) from QBE Mobile Hotels, if the guest does not explicitly asks for further information.

IX. Final provisions

  1. Place for fulfillment and place of payment is the registered office of QBE Mobile Hotels GmbH.

  2. German law shall apply.

  3. Place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

  4. If individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions should be or shall become legally invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected by this.