Data-protection provisions


To protect your personal data is very important to us. That is why we handle them with extra care. In this document you will find current  information about  the usage of cookies on our website as well as the usage of your personal data. The data-protection provisions are applicable for our platforms (own website, online-platform or social networks).



For a booking-reservation on our website, following information are necessary:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Telephone number

  • E-Mail-Address

  • Payment information

  • Booking preferences

To administrate your booking-reservations more easily, we will create a user account for you. Within

your personal user account you can check previous bookings and also modify your current bookings.

Qbe Mobile Hotels reserves the right to process following data (independent from the actual booking


  • IP-Address

  • Browser-type

  • Operating system of your Computers

  • Application version

  • Websites visited

  • Average visit length

When using a mobile device, following date can be processed:


  • Type of the mobile device

  • Geographical location

  • Bookings:

Primarily we need your personal data to process your online-reservation.

  • Guest evaluation system:

We might use your contact-data to give you the possibility to rate us after your stay. That helps us to continually improve our quality.

User account:

We will create an user account on our website for you. The provided date is used for:

  • Marketing :

We reserve the right to use your personal data for marketing purposes in the legally allowed boundaries for the following cases:

  1. If you complete a reservation or start a user account, we can use your contact information to send you information for our products and services regarding your travels. Furthermore, we send our guests a newsletter on a regular basis. You can cancel our newsletter service any time.

  2. Based on the provided data, it is possible that information of our website or online-platforms are also shown to you on social media platforms.

  • Other communication:

We can contact you via E-Mail, Post, or telephone, depending on the provided contact information.

  1. For processing your booking request,

  2. For sending you a questionnaire or a website valuation based on your experience with

  • Improvement of our Services:

We use personal data for analytical purposes to improve our service quality, to increase our user-friendliness, as well as to increase the functionality and quality of our website.

We use social networks to advertise and improve our product and our services.

We use Social Plugins on our websites, e.g. Facebook, Twitter oder Google+. These are often based in the USA or other countries outside of the EU. The providers for the social media named above are:,, or The Plugins are, for example, characterized with the Logo of the company, comment fields, or  „Like“ or „+1“-Button.

If you open such an advertisement on a social media or other platforms, you will be connected to our website through a plugin which is not based on our website. By implementing a plugin, you receive the information that you visited a web page which included an advertising offer of Qbe Mobile Hotels. The content of the plugin is directly loaded from your web-browser and then implemented in our website. If you are registered at the browser-supplier and logged-in, your visit can be traced back to your user account. If you interact with a plugin, e.g. click on a “like”-button or insert a comment, this information will be provided from your browser directly to the service provider where the information can be stored and used, or published.  Purpose of the described data collection and usage are mostly marketing measures of your provider. To protect your personal data and get an insight on your rights, you can ask your provider  for the detailed data privacy regulations. If you do not want that a provider collects data via our website, you need to deactivate the usage of plugins in your web browser. If you want to avoid a connection to your user account with another website, you need to log-out after your visit on our website.

By visting our website, you confirm your acceptance of all above mentioned provisions.

Provided that you are using external links which are offered on our internet-platforms, our data safety provisions are not applicable to these external links or websites. Insofar as we offer links, we can insure that up to the point of implementing the link, there was no visible violation against any rights on the linked websites. However, we do not have any influence on the commitments other providers make towards data security and internet safety. Please inform yourself on internet platforms of other providers about their data security provisions.

Yes, these websites use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. („Google“). Google Analytics uses „Cookies“. Cookies are text files which can be saved on your computer to make an analysis of your visited websites possible. The information about the usage of other websites, which is produced by the cookie, are usually sent and saved tIs Google Analytics used on this Websites?

o a Google server in the USA. In case of activating the IP-Anonymization on this website,Google will shorten your IP-Address within the States of the EU. Only in exceptional cases the IP-Address will be sent to a server of Google in the USA to be shortened. Under the authority of the provider of this website, Google will use this information to analyze the usage of their own website and  to collect reports about the website activity. The from Google Analytics collected and from your browser submitted IP-Address will not be drawn together with other data from Google. You can prevent the storage of the cookies within the settings of your Browser-Software. But we would like to make you aware of the fact that you might not be able to use all functions of this website. Additionally, you can prevent the collection, processing and usage of  your data, which are send by the usage of cookies to Google, by using the folowing link to download a Browser-Plugin: (

You will find more information about General terms of use and data protection at: or

We advise you that Google Analytics has added the code „gat._anonymizeIp();“ to ensure an anonymous recording of IP-Addresses (so called “IP-Masking”).

The data cannot be sold or given to third parties, except this is absolutely necessary for executing the contract or for provision of services. Data shall be transmitted to government institutions or authorities if they fulfill the statutory duties or it has been judicially decided. In these cases, the transmission of  information will not be more than specifically asked for.

After every stay at Qbe Mobile Hotels which you have booked, you will receive an invitation to take part in our guest survey. If you do not want your name to be connected to your review, you can also send it in anonymously.  By sending in your guest review, you accept that they can be shown on our online-platforms and social media networks. Purpose of the published guest reviews is to inform others about the quality and the provided services.



A cookie is a data attachment which gets sent from a webserver to your web browser to be stored at the hard disk of your computer.

Why do websites use cookies?

Websites do not have any data memory. If you change from one website to another, you do not get detected as the same user. Cookies make it possible for your browser to be detected by the website. Therefore cookies are mostly used to save your settings as for example your prefered language. They also are make it possible to identify you on your next visit to the same website.

Are there different types of Cookies?

Yes, there are different types of cookies for different purposes. Cookies are sorted by their function, lifetime, and source.

How are Cookies used?

We are differentiating between following kinds of cookies which we also use on our website:

  • Technical Cookies:

Technical Cookies are used to present our users a modern and user-friendly website which modifies according to their wishes and needs. Technical Cookies are also used to create a user-account, for logging-in, and to administer your bookings.These are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our website.

  • Functional Cookies:

Functional cookies are used to save your preferences to make our website as user-friendly as possible.

  • Analytical Cookies:

Analytical Cookies are used to give an insight on the user’s behaviour. We can not see who you are, because we only receive anonymous data. Furthermore, the analytical cookies help us to continually develop our website.

  • Commercial Cookies:

Commercial Cookies are used to show you our advertisements on other websites. That means that our advertisements are based on your activity on our website, e.g. searched locations (Berlin, Köln, Hamburg, München etc.)

How long do Cookies stay activ?

We use Cookies with different lifetimes. The maximum lifetime can be up to five years after your last visit on our website. All Cookies can be deleted in your browser settings at any time.

How do I detect Cookies?

You find them in your browser settings.

How can I have access to the data saved by the Cookie?

Only we have access to the data saved by the Cookie on

How can I change my Cookie-settings?

In your browser-setting (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome), you can decide which cookies you want to accept and which not. Where exactly you find these settings depends on your browser. You will find the settings in your “help” function of your browser.

We act according to the European law concerning data safety to prevent the misuse of your personal data. Only authorized employees have access to your personal data to be able to fulfill their duties properly. In case of payment via credit card, your information will not be saved longer than ten days after you have finalized your booking process. After the expiration of this period of time your data will be irretrievably deleted.



Persons under 18 years shall not send their personal data to us without permission of their parents or legal guardian. We will not ask for personal data of children and teenagers and will not collect or transmit them to third parties. Should we receive data from children under 18 years , we reserve the right to delete those.



You have the right to have access to the saved personal data at any time. Please send your request for an insight on your data to the address seen below. You can also send us your suggestions and complaints.



QBE Mobile Hotels GmbH

Marzahner Chaussee 50

D – 12681 Berlin

Tel: 030 577 02872

E-Mail: info[at]



If your data is incorrect, we will change it according to your request. You also have the possibility to have your personal data deleted by sending us a request via E-Mail.

You can make use of following rights of the “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz” (BDSG):

  • Pursuant to §§6, 19, 34 BDSG you have the right to information about your personal data stored by us as well as the purpose of saving them.

  • The right to the deletion or blocking of your personal data (§6, 20, 35 BDSG).

  • The right of revocation of the consent at all times with the effect for the future (§28 BDSG).

  • You can revoke your permission to collect and use your data any time without naming any reason.