About the Cubes


Cubes are dice shaped living spaces you can sleep in. They are 2.5 m times 2.5 m  “big”, which is big enough for:

  • a twin bed with pillows, blankets, sheets and room for your luggage underneath

  • a night-stand

  • a lamp and night-lamp

  • hangers

  • blinds and curtains

  • sockets

  • enough space and chairs in front of the Qbe to relax

Every cube is well-isolated and has heating for colder days.

Price per cube per night:

from 33 € for 1 person

from 39 € for 2 persons

Optional (price per night):

10 € for 1 dog

6,50 € breakfast for 1 person

Our photos will help you to get a better impression of our cubes.